Dj Pierre – Save Our World (including Martin Brodin Remix) [Deeplay Digital – 19 August]


Martin Brodin resurrects his label Deeplay Music in Digital form and the first release “Save Our World” is delivered by the inventor of acid and the house pioneer DJ Pierre. It comes complete with remixes from Moodmusic boss Sasse, Swede Alec Sonite, and Deeplay Music founder and Martin Brodin. Martin himself stirs down a smooth shake down disco remix. Top quality as alway.

“Because we simply couldn’t stand being out of the music scene any longer, Deeplay Music is re-launching after three years in hibernation. We have been prompted into this decision because we got so many emails from our fans asking, ”What happened to Deeplay? Why is Deeplay not releasing anything? We miss the quality stuff you put out!” All this made us think, OK, let’s start the action again, put out quality deep/tech house and do what we did so well over the ten years we were in action. As such, we re-named ourselves Deeplay Digital to mark at he start of this new era and our arrival in the digital domain.“

And so to the music from DJ Pierre aka a member of Phuture and cornerstone of the early Chicago house scène. Here he is in techno mode, with raw and heavy kicks charging along beneath busy, crystalline melodies and echoing calls to action from a spoken word vocal sample. It’s a frantic peak time weapon that will sweep up dancefloors without any doubt. Sasse’s Acid Dub remix is a more stripped back affair with a ripping, dubby acid line and crisp hi hats rolling above snappy, tightly programmed drums. His other version is even snappier but there’s still plenty of swing in the drums and claps as well as some ravey melody work.

Label chief and disco king Martin Brodin reinterprets the track with his usual raw analogue dazzleuplifting chords, plenty of synth detail and an authentic finish that explodes with colour just when you want it to.

Finally, Alec Sonite, an up and coming artist from Sweden who was licenced to Roger Sanchez’s Release Yourself compilation, chops up his drums into slapping, propulsive things that work efficiently under cute background pads and a long drawn out synth line that’s rasps like a dying machine at various intervals. On this evidence, Deeplay is back with a vengeance.

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