Dimitrios K – RMXS (Van Rivers, Dungeon Acid, Joel Alter and Samuel L Session) [iDEAL Vinyl Only – November]

Artists: Van Rivers, Dungeon Acid, Joel Alter and Samuel L Session.
Title: Dimitrios K – RMXS
Label: iDEAL Recordings
Release Date: November 2013
Catalogue: iDEAL 107

Limited release – 250 vinyls. Original tracks by Dimitrios K, from the LP ”Dimitrios K” (iDEAL094 2012).
A1. Where Am I (Van Rivers Rmx)
A2. Where Am I (Dungeon Acid Rmx)
B1. Dunkflum (Joel Alter Rmx)
B2. Rough (Samuel L Session Rmx)

Dimitrios K is one of those hardworking DJ:s and producers that has had his heart at the place where it all started – the underground. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, he is no stranger to the clubs at his hometown and has made an important imprint on the scene here. Dimitrios has been involved in several club venues and were one of the original residents at the legendary house club – RA. As his fellow “RA’s” made there journey to international fame (such as DJ NIBC), Dimtrios ventured into untouched paths. Going from being more of a house oriented DJ, to the dark, minimal and roaming world of techno. With that he also released is debut album “Dimitrios K” in 2012, an album that were made with great effort and accuracy.

The EP “Dimtrios K – RMXS” is just what it sounds like. Simply a bunch of remixes of a couple of tracks picked from the album. Just like the tracks on the album, all the remixes are stamped with the sound most people would refer to as techno.

On the A-side Van River but some extra spreads on the sandwich. Techno on the border to deep, groovy house with a stabbing synth and hands in the air dance rhythm. A pants down party track with a minimalistic, repeating vocal that gives that little bit of extra fuel on the fire. Pure ear candy that will turn a good party into great and it will work for both the “technoholics” and the champagne masturbating pro-party upper class kids (in a good way). I will play it on Christmas day for sure.
It doesn’t come as a surprise that Dungeon Acids remix of the same track – “Where Am I” – has an aura of darkness and bohemian occultism to it. Deep, pulsating techno with a pushing background of acid. This remix will just eat you alive, and sometimes it’s better to be eaten then to eat, or?

Joel Alter’s genius mind and talented fingers will not let anyone down as his remix of “Dunkflum” sets the B-side into an almost ambient atmosphere. A heavy techno bass slowly fills up with layers of deep, hypnotic sounds. A sweet piece of slow riding, late night story. It’s never too much, nor too little. Just a perfect blend of contemplation and energy and maybe, just maybe, this is the sound of a long friendship between Alter and Dimtrios.

Boom in the box. The second track on the B-side is a remix by no other then Samuel L Session. He has recently left Sweden for Berlin and with that his own label Klap Klap has released a huge amount of great techno tracks. This remix will immediately be recognized as a work by Samuel L Session with his typical pushing and forward driving techno. Powerful layers of sounds blend into each other in a way that makes you shake. Working through a minimalistic landscape with an extra broad brush, he manages to keep the groove. Play it at the right time and everyone will do the twist, play it at the wrong time and it surely will leave the crowd standing. And thank you Samuel L Session for kicking white noise way down the drain.

All in all, this EP contains four very different and great, powerful techno tracks. If you will recognize Dimitrios K’s original sounds or not, is not to for me to tell. However, if you get this one, make sure that you also find a copy of the album were the source of sounds are to be found.

Verdict: 8/10

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