Der Extraklasse – Girl Thang EP [Mexa Nov 18th]

Artist: Der Extraklasse
Title: Girl Thang EP
Label: MEXA Records

Release Date: 18/11
Catalogue Number: MEXA020
1) Girl Thang
2) Endless Road
3) Black Rose

I thank the lord for putting an end to the minimal hype that once polluted the clubs. However, sometimes a track would truly benefit with a little less sound palette. The bright female duo of Der Extraklasse just do not seem to know when to stop. The release is a deep tech house thing with wobbling sounds, short, distinct and hard kicks.

Slamming hi-hats and sounds coming from all corners. The title track “Girl Thang” starts out just fine. Deep and spacey with the voice of a female locked into some basement. Then comes the classic “1 minute 30 seconds” break. After that all hell breaks loose. A classical Rhode ride grinds over a synth loop that sounds almost out of sync. All combined with a classical deep, tech house tribal rhythm.

“Endless Rose” starts in the same way with a harder bass to it. And it all ends in this soup with to many ingredients. Jesus! All these sounds! Hold it, stop it, keep the groove and kill the unnecessary noises, please.

The last track – “Black Rose” – has the same kind of build up. Ending with so much noise my ears starts to bleed. So, would I ever play any of these tracks at a club? Well, maybe. But, I would not do it with my hands in the air, I would do it with shame and the drunken crowd would probably scream and bounce like never before. Because there are these tracks that you immediately recognize as “club bangers” even if you don’t like them. And the EP “Girl Thang” by Der Extraklasse has those kind of tracks.

Points: 6/10

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