Cutwires – Elvis (with lyrics)

A rather simply produced yet very creative track by UK based bass duo Cutwires aka Hiscox & Taylor

Elvis, he lives in my shed.
Nobody comes to look cause they think he is dead.
Elvis, he lives in my shed
I make him help my wife around the house for his rent.
Elvis, he lives in my shed
Doesn’t want the fame, wants it easy instead.
Elvis, he lives in my shed
He likes warm milk before he goes to bed.
Bigfoot he live next door
He never lives the house cause he eight foot four
He’s got to duck three doors. He’s got a bad back.
Insomniac and when he sleeps he snores.

Nessie she lives in my pool.
You think she wouldn’t fit but she’s actually quite small
Nessie she lives in my pool.
There is only one rule don’t

2pac he live near my post
He’s a really nice guy, he loves eggs and toast and a sunday roast
We play FIFA while smoking reafer and he goes back home

Diana has a house down the road.
She always stays inside with curtains closed
Her milk is piling up by the door,
I think she’s gone to Spain but nobody knows

John Lennon he cuts my hair
He got good skills and he takes good care
He’s banter is second to none
Yoko says nothing she just likes to stare

Jim Morrison runs the pub
With shinies attached that does good rub
Every thursday there is kareoke.
Everybody begs by he never gets up

Michael Jackson he mows my lawn.
He likes to moonwalk to the break of dawn.
Michael Jackson he mows my lawn.
He sings Billie Jean and then he’s gone.

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