Best DJ sets and Live Sets from Fusion Festival 2013

Fusion 2013

The Fusion festival 2013 is over and even the last after-the-afterparty has shut down it’s soundsystem. This year’s edition featured performances by Jesper Dahlbäck, Cari Lekebusch, Der Dritte Raum, Skinnerbox, Rödhåd, Andhim, Pan-Pot, Nuno Dos Santos and many many many many more. No matter if you couldn’t go or just managed to miss your favorite act,  here are  the 6 of the best DJ and live sets from this year festival .


Nuno dos Santos (Trouw)  – Easily the best 3 hour set this year.

Pan-pot (3 hours set)

Andhim – Fusion 2013 DJ (Get Physical /Terminal M)

Molono Bass (Deep One Hour set)

Skinnerbox (Live)

Fred White

It all began on 13th of June 1997. A small group of creative Germans kick-started a small festival on an abandoned, east-german military airdrome. Fusion festival was born gathering some of the finest german underground electronica, folk music and indie acts.

The festival didn’t grow much during the first few years attracting a young, happy-go-lucky crowd who were willing to dance away few days for a cheap buck, never minding the sly weather. After a few years as the festival crew grew older and wiser they formed a somewhat more organized Kulturkosmos Müritz built on quite anarchistic and anti-capitalist ideologic ground. The vision was that all the members would invest their time for free building a larger festival, reinvesting all the money made into the future events.

Soon after that, in the truly german DIY manner, the Kosmos went on and bought the whole 100 hectars of military field base where the festival would take place every year. This speeded up things up a lot as the larger portions of the facilities would no longer have to be taken down. So with no more obligations to tear down the scenery every year, the germans went on building an even bigger festival.

The gathering started to grow larger and larger for every year becoming one of the major European festivals for (still underground) house & techno. Even if 60,000 people come every year and one has to join the Fusion lottery to win a ticket, the festival has not lost it’s somewhat dirty, DIY, anarchist touch. Some say it’s growing to big though.

Hope you enjoyed the mixes.

Fusion 2013

Bonus: Monkey Safari @ Tanzwiese

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