Bangana – Tales From the Crypt (17th June Heya Hifi)


Like a speeding bullet I go through time
Trying to run away from the past…

Swedish house/techno duo Bangana on the contrary, is catching up with their past.

Some people think of Bangana as a certain type of Asian cyprinid fish. But to all the Swedes who’s been dancing to house in late 90s and early 2000s, the name Bangana definetely has a much more pleasant meaning. For us Bangana (and Sumo) are the house- and techno-makers Alf Tumble and Combo.

As Sumo they were the first Swedes to tour Scandinavia playing summerish afro and latin influenced live instrument house performing their The Danceband album as a five men “house band”. I remember myself having Nini and Supra Sumo tracks in my “secret weapons” DJ box back in the days. As Bangana they explored a bit darker, more techy artefacts of their long studio hours.

The album opens heartfully with Dead End – originally released in 2008 and featuring Clarisse Muvemba who previously worked with Sumo on tracks like Nini and Lovebeat). Roses is also a Bangana & Clarisse Muvemba project originally released in 2008.

Vibe  is the most energetic track on the album that will make many silhouetes do the 2009 shake once again at 128 bpm in many clubs  this summer. Asterix (originally released in 2008) takes us on a somewhat pleasently trippy, ever evoling progressive techno trip. Skrik is another choped-up-beat techno re-release from 2006 with that synthesizer many of us may still remember. Aurora – percussion driven love story that keeps building up for an eternity (originally released on vinyl in 2010).

Deeper, Love and Leia are another two classic Bangana tracks from the past.

All in all Tales from The Crypt is more of a reunion after a long break, brushing of some dust from the duos past production. The red threat is wholeheartedly underground, experimental, techy, stripped down approach. Less is more. Nothing is new but nothing is lost.

What I’m really looking forward to are the new 2013 remixes for the Dead End where Gill & Szenasi deliver a beat smother, darker take on the original including a lovely freestyle sax,  while Duran Genc and Aytekin Kurt add a bit of cocktail lounge groove, a dash of old-school percusion and a pinch of a flanger.


Bangana Hi-res (300dpi)

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