Baio – Mira EP [Future Classic – Out Oct 28]

One day, he is performing with Vampire Weekend in Las Vegas. Literally the next day he is releasing his third EP “Mira” on Australian label Future Classic. Bass player, producer and former boxer Chris Baio has a long and wide musical background for someone at the age of 28, which is reflected in his solo project Baio.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Chris Baio started DJing in underground clubs during college. The DJing element is a major influence in his productions, even though the actual act of producing is something he began doing much later. Baio’s two earlier EPs was released on Greco-Roman, but for “Mira” Chris Baio decided to work with Future Classic, which has given birth to records from the likes of Flume and Charles Murdoch.

 “Mira EP” is a four-tracked house production with elements of both 80s bass melodies and 00s pop. I recognize the soundscape, though I have never heard it in a arrangement like this. The multifaceted production is kept together by an all through house beat. Baio himself describes the production process as something natural and almost impulsive.

– Maybe I find a sample or a chord progression that evokes an emotion and then I chase it down.

 The title track, “Mira”, is literally calling out for attention. By using the Spanish word for “hey, look” Chris Baio wants you to listen up. And you do. A soaring bass and a heavy kick interrupted by metallic synths and twisted vocal samples sparks an urge to move accordingly.

Bouncy bass. Muted cowbells. Hard, muffled kick. “Banj” as a whole creates a heavy-hearted atmosphere that inexorably embraces you. The build-up snare tangles me and the second drop gets me off every time. The whole track makes me think of Baio as the lovechild of Canadian musician Caribou and Olof Dreijer’s solo project Oni Ayhun.

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