Back to the Vinyl – Iphone “Vinyl” gimmick by Kontor Records

Vinyl is back and growing stronger the last few years. Kontor Records (Martin Solveig, Paul Oakenfold, Hardwell – yeah we know it’t the “commercial lot”) managed to create quite a social media buzz last month by sending out a vinyl record with the new Boris Dlugosch and Sono tracks to the label bosses and creative directors. The Vinyl came with an iPhone QR-code that seams “to play” the record without a real turntable.

Truth is that it QR-link leads to a stand-alone web-solution that works with or without the actual vinyl. It’s just allows the user to play the two pre-loaded tracks by using an animated turntable pick-up. It’s also leads to – the labels main advertisement channel since 2006. The idea is great though from the buzz creating perspective. Thumbs up to Kontor Records for being creative here. Afrer all, cheesy music usually needs extra special promotional tools 🙂


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