Âme – Tatischeff EP [Innervisions, November 25th]

House heavyweights Kristian Rädle and Frank Wiedemann first met back when Kristian was studying civil engineering in Karlsruhe, a german town on the border to France. Inspired by his strong connection to the house scene, Kristian opened a record shop, where Frank was a frequent guest. They started spinning records and producing together under the name Âme.

After getting the attention of german DJ collective Jazzanova, founders of Sonar Kollektiv, they released their self-titled debut on the prominent label in 2004. But it was not until the release of “Rej”, their breakthrough hit in 2006, that the duo gained worldwide success.

Today, Monday, 25th of November, “Tatischeff EP” is due for digital release on electronic music label Innervisions, founded by Âme and Dixon. Planned to be the label’s 47th release, “Tatischeff EP” further establishes the labels ability to stick to an addictive signature sound in an overflowing market.

The EP is 2×9 minutes of dark howls and shadowy reverbed horns, with Den Råtta(ft. Vulkano) being the more up-beat production. The title track is slower and more atmospheric with intimate bass and distant sirens.

Vinyl: https://www.mutingthenoise.com/#n=content-tatischeff-ep


Curio: Jacques Tati was born Tatischeff after his russian father, George E. Tatischeff.

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