12″ Release: Victor Berghmeister – Rosamango EP [Nonlocal Records]

Stockholm based Victor Bergh aka Bergmeister caught our acoustic attention back in September 2012. The Rosamango track with the lovely deep acid inspired bassline might have been featured for free download here on HMWL. Even though both us and Victor would deny it.

So finally we are very happy to see Victor release the mango-track followed by two equally old-school sounding cuts. The flanger cut-up Voodon’t and the Deep and Soulful Deep Disc. Lesale remix brings it even deeper. Rosamango just came out on Canadian Nonlocal records. 

About Alex Esser:

DJ, surfer and entrepreneur residing in Malmö, Sweden. HMWL label daddy. My music network is always open. Holler at alex@hmwl.org