Winner of Hacienda 30 Pioneer RMX competition – Karan Luthra

It takes a while to listen through and discuss 8 mix-sets. All of the mixes submitted to our Hacienda 30 competition were of top notch quality.

All in all one winner has to be selected and the 1st place goes to Karan Luthra. A local dj hero that managed to build up a solid funky groove after just two tracks and keeps the mix alive, evor-evolving and oh so groovy and phat throughout the whole 30 minutes. With a nice creme-de-la-creme finish delivered by Karan’s very own bootleg remix of Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djiins.

Karan just got himself a Dj-gig at tomorrows Hacienda 30 and a brand new RMX-1000 from Pioneer.

You can take a listen to the rest of the competition mixes submitted before the deadline right here. All will make you wanna dance like it’s 1999. The runner-ups We Are Skitzo, Marphi and Nilsone will get the special edition Hacienda 30 albums mixed by Mike Pickering and Peter Hook.

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