Umek – Profile Lost (Djuma Soundsystem Remixes) + 3rd Dimension of Soundz

Djuma Soundsystem unveils the 3rd compilation on the legendary Soundz label. Including a preview of the remix package of Umeks Profile Lost.

Once again a solid release from the Slovenian master of tunes and straight up fantastic remixwork done by Djuma Soundsystem! After 2 minutes you’re completely stuck. The marimba like leading rhythm on the groove is simply enchanting and sends such a warm fuzzy feeling up the spine. To say that it’s hypnotic would be to put it mildly since it’s the kind of groove you can listen to forever and ever. Every sound is spot on and both the dubversion as well as the regular remix are two total bangers that’ll make you move whether you want to or not. Hands down for a great release that we’re looking forward to hear in every club worldwide!

The Profile Lost remixes are to be released March the 5th. The compilation is due tomorrow.

by Edgar Ariza of House Music With Love

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