Uffe – Colors Outside [Pets Recordings – Early May]

Pets Recordings latest offering is from Amsterdam resident, Uffe. The 5 track EP, entitled; “Colors Outside” is a rich exploration into what deep house sounds like right now. The title track is easy-going and driven by textbook 70’s funk chords. Catz ‘n Dogz lend their talents for two of the EP’s remixes, the standout being their “I’ll Leave Soon (Just Leave Remix),” which carries a full & deep bassline (classic Catz ‘n Dogz). The last track on the EP is quite possibly the best. “When The Sun Rose” combines a smoky rhythm, subtle cowbell, and eerie chords to build a unique house track that could easily take a crowd to the next level. It should be noted that the vinyl edition of this release contains all five tracks, while the digital release only contains three (in other words, support vinyl).

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