Tiger Stripes – Crossroads EP (My Favorite Robot 048)

Swedish veteran Tiger Stripes is on a creativity fueled production spree. With recent releases on Get Physcial, Noir, Groove and many more Mikael Nordgren has been delivering at least one EP a month. Each release showing different sides of his production skills – ranging from Berlin sounding percussion fueled tech-house to deep Chicago-like tracks.

On the last week’s Crossroad EP on My Favorite Robot Mikael takes his music to a whole new level also debuting as a vocalist. Crossroads feature Mikael singing his own rewritten vocals from the 1936’s blues poem by Robert Johnson – a cult song where the singer sells his soul to the devil in exchange for the fame and fortune.

“Standing at the crossroads
Fell down on my knees,
Asked the lord for mercy,
Save me if you please…. “

The second track – Dancer from the Dance once again features Mikael vocals over a deep dark backing track. Crossroads demonstrates yet another side of Tiger Stripes musical multi-persinolality. This time featuring clear influences from the dark synth sound of the 90s with clear paralells to Kraftwerk, Depeche mode and Kovenant. 

The Phonogenic Stripstrumental remix is an even deeper vocal dub version stripping out the vocals altogether.

The 1936 original:

by Dj Skyjacker of House Music With Love

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