Sunday Electronica: Parov Stelar – The Princess [Etagé Noir Records]

Parov Stelar (Marcus Füreder) is an Austrian Dj and Producer; The man with the magic fingers who’s been deejing for over 2 decades and got into production of jazz influenced electronica in 1999 . Or is it electronica fueled jazz? Or electro funk. Whatever you call it, his music makes you feel alive, makes you wanna visit France or / and dance on the tables. Due to diversity, straighforwardness and  sheer funkinest of Parov Stelar sound, his tracks has appeared on over 700 compilations (Hotel Costés, etc)

The Princess is his seventh full length album (not counting the Best of collections).  Compared to a bit more melancholic Coco (2009), The Princess gathers just as diverse yet a bit more uptempo material. The album is presented in two parts: The first one with 13 tracks, both brand new ones and some re-released from early years. Vocals, saxophones and pianos all blend in one funky mix.  Milla’s Dream is one of  my definite favorites with Hip-hopish scratch samples.  While Song of Crickets will make you dream yourself away to the basement jazz clubs of Paris where a fog of cigarette smog  is only penetetrated only by the green eyes of the cat lying on the piano.

Part two is even more ruckus and fun. It contains a bunch of previously unreleased and vinyl only tracks, live versions and remixes. Like the Enzo Siffredi Klezmer interpretation of Jimmy’s gang or The Snake. A skillful Dj will playfully blend tunes like this into any sophisticated techno set creating nothing but smiles and euphoria on the floor. Lovely stuff!

This made my sunday just perfect.

Parov Stelar is out on his European tour with a 10 men house band deconstructing the album tracks to the very core performing solely with live instruments, vocals and back-up singers. Too bad they are not coming to Sweden.

by Dj Skyjacker of House Music With Love

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