Steve Bug – Noir [Album, October 1st, Poker Flat]

Steve Bug – Tell Me Why

[audio:|titles=Steve Bug – Tell Me Why] “There is nothing wrong with the sound system, do not attempt to adjust it. Just let the song ride until there is nothing left but you, the dj and the vibrations” – chant the Foremost Poets, one of guest artists on the forthcoming album.

Steve Bug, the master of subliminal techno prepares a full album for Poker Flat. Just like the title suggest it’s a dark, subliminal journey into the dark forest of deep techno. Few of the tracks (Somewhere in the night, Those Grooves) are dance-floor ready and will be played many good parties later this year.

Steve Bug – Somewhere In The Night

[audio:|titles=Steve Bug – Somewhere In The Night]

But the overall dark and deep 4 by 4 pattern of the album is occasionally lightened up by those few experimental tracks with elements of nu-jazz (Moments of Ease) and a bit of percussion and guitar driven dub-stepish broken beats (Poison of Choice). All in all Steve demonstrates a the widest spectrum of production skills including a freestyle piano on Noir – a much anticipated peace that will hit the records stores in October.

Steve Bug – Moment Of Ease Feat. Emilie Chick

[Audio:|titles=Steve Bug – Moment Of Ease Feat. Emilie Chick]

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