Simon Baker – Hideout EP, Last Night On Earth

Honestly!!!! This guy has gone totally under my radar……..?!?! SHAME ON F**KING ME!

Simon Baker make some truly great music on a various labels like 2020 Vision, Get Physical, Leftroom, Cocoon, Saved, Fina, Playhouse, 8bit………. how the **** did I miss this?!

Anyway he has a release coming out on Last night in earth (Sashas label)

Hideout Ep. Two dreamy deep house tracks with a minimal house remix from ThermalBear. And I LOVE IT!!!!

Simon Baker – Hideout EP

  1. Hideout
  2. Beliefs
  3. Hideout (ThermalBear)

Out on Last Night On Earth on the 19 November.


Following his hugely successful debut LP ‘Traces’, highly praised by the likes of RA, Mixmag and DJ Mag, Simon Baker’s latest EP on Last Night On Earth, ‘Hideout’ see’s the British producer pressing those buttons again. Simon’s signature sound, ‘Hideout’ is swimming in gentle drum pads and irresistible melody, yet maintains a deep and chunky synth. The Native American esque flutes are simple yet add all the intrigue to this track.

The bouncing bass notes in ‘Beliefs’ are only the beginning to this meaty house number. Again this track experiments with indigenous sounds that give it an eery twist.

ThermalBear’s remix strips back the warmth from ‘Hideout’, plays heavier on the hi-hats and introduces clear rise and fall to produce a sterner version of the track.


Jesper Aubin


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