Robosonic – Worst Love EP – [OFF Recordings – Out Now]

Right from the start, the EP’s title track features a sample from Mobb Deep and a spring-infused guitar melody that sets the tone for all your springtime festivities. Heavy vocal sampling and a driving house groove make this track easy to love.

Doctor Dru’s take on “Worst Love” is deep and heavy with a forceful bassline . The term “Maceo-house” has been thrown around quite a bit as of late, and it seems necessary here as well. The lead-synth on this one seduces you in and doesn’t let go.

Fitz Zander’s remix is packed tightly with pronounced snare and a house groove that is mix friendly.

Curtis Mayfield would be proud of this track, considering his sample takes this track from good to great. A funky and danceable bassline make “Thankful” the summer rooftop party gem of this EP. Expect to hear this one blaring as the sun goes down on any given weekend this summer.

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