Radio Slave feat. Danton Eeprom- Grindhouse (Nic Fanciulli Remix) [Saved Records]

If your niche goes by the club-based, ardent, mechanical-soul sounds.. Then, you have probably shaked until you dropped on the dance floor to Matt Edwards over the past few years!  Formerly consisting of Matt Edwards and Serge Santiágo, Radio Slave is currently one of Matt Edwards’ solo projects.

To name drop a few tracks.. Screaming Hands.. Koma Koma.. Secret Base 

Typically, it is not uncommon to hear Radio Slave’s tracks remixed..The Nic Fanciulli remix of Grindhouse was long awaited, having been released in March this year.  Nic Fanciulli is a dj and grammy nominated producer from The UK, who has sustained a downright, dynamite reputation in electronic music over the past decade. Nic’s own Ransomed Records; has been the drawing board for diverse techno as he has collaborated with a variety of artists from the likes of Kylie Minogue to Underworld and Tracey Sticker.

Danton Eeprom’s countless collaborations from contrasting artists to labels transpire into a considerable about of work as a dj & producer. Royksop, Radio Slave and Andrew Weatherall are just a few of the many artists he has teamed up with. His tone is sexy and centers around house based, dark rhythms. His vision; Fondation Records is in continuous growth of his imprint in the electronic, music scene.

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