Philip Arruda – Nice Guys Finish Last EP (Microzoo – April 16)

Toronto based producer Philip Arruda delivers his latest EP, “Nice Guys Finish Last,” on April 16th (available via Montreal based Microzoo Records). Watch out though, because this one will get you hooked right from the first listen. The title track uses a variety of percussion to build a deep, rich, and rhythmic beat. However, the most appealing and unique element of the track lies in the faint melodies laden throughout, which give the track a sense of peace and cohesiveness. “Underestimated” seems to have been produced with one intention in mind; make the audience MOVE! It’s deep, it’s driving, and it sucks you in before you have a chance to say no (which you won’t).

Dirty Culture and Andre Ferlin lend their respective talents on the EP remixes. As you would expect, Dirty Culture delivers a fun and crowd-friendly take on “Underestimated,” while Ferlin takes things in a different direction and creates a smooth and atmospheric blend for “Nice Guys Finish Last.” All in all, Philip Arruda and Microzoo have reason to be very proud of what they’re doing for the Canadian house scene.

by Emilio Bernard of House Music With Love / Brothel Sound

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