Paul Peanuts – Simple (Law Recordings)

The X-mas and New Year holidays are over. We are back on track like a couple of polar bears waking up from a long sleep. So is the Paris based techno label Law Recordings. They open 2012 like a deck of cards pulling out a real jocker to strat the year.

Paul Peanuts 2 track Ep is a journey into a blippy, bouncy techno that gets better and better the longer you play the track. The B-side (Test01) is kind of straight forward in willing to make you dance like a chicken on acid. While the A-side takes a bit of experimental approach as it explores all the corners of the sound arrangement for a few minutes before it starts the journey into the night. 

Out on Law any day now.

A forgotten pieace of art, the “one from the old cr-8 mixtape” recorded live by Bawyer Hawks, the Law records boss back in Sevilla in 1998 😀


by Dj Skyjacker of House Music With Love

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