Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory – Photon


Pantha du Prince and his collaboration with the Norwegian group The Bell Laboratory delivers a sneak peak into their much anticipated and too-be-released album called Elements. Scheduled for release on the 15th of January 2013 on Rough Trade records, the album will include five tracks where each name represents a particular element of light.

The track “Photon” promises another stylistic journey into Hendrik Weber’s(Pantha du Prince) forceful and textural conversations between the natural and the electronic; between deep basslines and fragile bells, it roams freely between the romantic melancholia and its atonal ruptures to settle itself in a harmonious shimmer. In style reminiscent to both of Weber’s earlier albums –  “This Bliss” and “Black Noise” – this airy and atmospheric track is however more of a departure than a return. Its nomadic and continuous stream of reverberated xylofons, cymbals and chimes, manages to move from deterritorialization to reterritorialization of the sonic soundscape during the little less than five minute-duration of the track. Whenever a sound seems to settle itself briefly, the influx of new elements immediately creates a new compromise, forcing the already-there soundscapes to change and escape into a new search for harmony between the bells.

Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory constitutes a truly exciting joint venture. It is with great anticipation that we look forward to hearing the rest of the album.



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