Layo & Bushwacka – Rising and Falling (Album) Olmeto. (The Big Dream single)

It’s been six years since there last album Feels Closer from 2006, but in a few days time Layo & Bushwacka will release Rising and Falling on Olmeto. I must say that this is a good one! It has a rich minimal feeling that gets under my skin and I cant really sit still. I cant wait to try this stuff on a gig and see peoples reaction on it.

What you here in the Youtube clip is there single The Big Dream with a Martin Buttrich Remix.

So make sure that you get your self a copy!

1. Intro
2. Delta Ahead
3. Emotional Intelligence
4. The Way Home
5. Can’t Hurt You ft. Kim Ann Foxman
6. Thylacine
7. The Big Dream
8. Raw Defined
9. 5am
10. Born In The Backwoods
11. Tender Love ft. Jasmina Vico
12. Dancing In The Dark ft. Cevin Fisher
13. Killer On The Loose
14. Close To Me
15. Rising And Falling

Enjoy!  // Jesper A

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