Kyzen – Demention [Album Imperanza Recordings]

Mama said “Don’t just the book by it’s cover“. We all have eyes for beautiful cover art. After all no-matter if you are a vinyl or a digital DJ, you gotta keep mental notes of your favorite tracks and cover art is your number one association.

A summer drenched sky with a boy heading towards the horizon. There are a few soulful, ethnic inspired tracks on Kyzen’s debut album that makes it a perfect summer oasis. The rest is unfortunately a bit boring tech-house with too much repetition leaving very little room for variation throughout the track. I would rather see Demention striped down to a 4-5 track EP. But the few tracks below will melt your hearts like ice-cream on a sunny summer day. After all this is Kevins debut album

by Dj Skyjacker of House Music With Love

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