HVOB – Exclusive X-mas minimix for HMWL

HVOB cover

HVOB are Anna and Paul. They are both based in Vienna from where they create some lovely vocal and deep trippy house. HerVoiceOverBoys is currently signed to Stil vor Talent ( Moguai, Kaiserdisco, Miss Nine, Coyu, Tim Green, Photek, Henry Saiz, Namito, Florian Meindl, Mendo, jozif, Coyu, Djuma Soundsystem, Steve Bug, Noir, Shinedoe, Huxley). Their unusual and timeless sound caught my attention back in November with the Dogs EP. There is also a full HVOB coming early 2013. While waiting for it, we kindly asked HVOB to record a minimix for us.

HMWL: Tell us about HVOB, who are you guys, how did you meet and started to make music?

HVOB: Paul and I met some time ago, discovering very quickly that we wanted to make music together. He‘s [Paul] the technical and I‘m [Anna] the creative part. We started HVOB in 2012, in summer we got signed to Stil vor Talent and played some important festivals, really thankful for that.

Now we‘re planning a tour for next year.

HMWL. There is a full length album coming early 2013. Tell us more?

The album contains 12 songs and will be released on “Stil vor Talent”.
There will also be an EP in february before the album comes out.

HMWL: The creative process requires concentration and a piece of mind that are hard to achieve in the modern world full of distraction. How do you guys find time and motivation to sit down and lock yourself into studio? Do you try to finish one track at a time during a certain period of time or work with a number of pieces simultaneously?

HVOB: Both. Most of the songs I‘ve produced at home in my bedroom. Sometimes I don‘t have the discipline to finish a track, because I’m stuck, and when I’m stuck, I get bored. So I’ll start working on another one. Next day, a new idea will probably come to my mind and with it, I’ll finish the track. But I think that‘s a good thing. In fact, it’s the reason why we had that many tracks in so little time. Once I get a track together, I’ll take it to Paul. He’s much more focused than I am, so he’ll make the final mixdown and conduct through the songs.

And by the way: it’s not that hard to find motivation for something you truly love.


HVOB – Dogs – Original Mix
HVOB – Dogs – Niko Schwind Remix
HVOB – Dogs – Lee Jones Remix
HVOB – Let‘s keep this quiet – Original Mix
HVOB – Dogs – Oliver Koletzki Remix

Merry X-Mas to you all!

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