HMWL 72 – WYS! (Jacob Husley, Cormac and Peter Pixzel)

HMWL 72 is an exclusive guest mix from the the founding fathers of one of London’s hottest labels WetYourSelf! Recordings and the famous sunday night parties at Fabric.

Jacob Husley, Cormac and Peter Pixzel take us on a 62 minute Odyssey to previously unexplored music constellations. (In other words) the mix contains some previously unreleased tracks by Cormac, App, Jacob Husley, Le Carousel.

The timing is not a coincidence, as the three WYS! gentlemen are coming to Malmös dopest house & techno club Noize this very weekend.

Olle of Noize grabed Jacob, Cormac and Peter for a short interview:

O: Hey guys, how’s your year been so far?

WYS: Hi olle. this years been great thanks.. we have been busy with our parties, our record releases and with studio time. our weekly sunday party here in london remains a lot of fun. We are branching out with the brand across europe and the world which of course is very exciting. our record label family is growing with a host of new talent. time really flies for us, we are working hard and having a lot of fun along the way.

O: Could you tell us a little bit of the magic tales of WYS? How did you guys meet each other?

WYS: yes there are 3 of us , as you know.. we always leave some space for the magic to join also..we met some years ago.. cormac was friendly with peter, peter with jacob.. we were connected to different scenes. united we drew a funny mixture of london crew to the party and became best friends in the process:)

O: You’ve put together an exclusive mix (stunning as always) for your upcoming gig at Babel on Saturday. Can you tell us a little bit about the idea behind the mix?

WYS: thank you. peter mixed this one from our selection of tunes ,we take turns. the mix is a selection of some released and unreleased tracks from our label, and a few tracks which we love to play in the club right now. its a good slice of WYS! for those who haven’t experienced us as yet.

O: Favourite 3-tracks you’ve ever heard on the Room One system at Fabric?

WYS: thats quite a question..its a classic of course, but the sun can’t compare always sounds amazing and always sends shivers..its also an amazing experience to test drive our new productions on the fabric sound system.. thats always fun and a highlight

O: Finally, what’s up next on WYS! Recordings and in your individual careers?

WYS: we are all busy in studio which becomes more and more of a focus. we have some releases on schedule that we are all very excited about on WYS! Recordings. a solo ep from each of us, a solo ep from mr marc houle, and various remixes . Aside from this Peter will release more as App on Diynamic, and Cormac has another release coming soon on BPitch.

Gig wise, after Malmo, we head to Brancaleone in Rome where we will host a WYS! with our dearest Miss Kittin, then to head to paris for WYS! at Rex Club. after that we fly to Brazil to host WYS! at D.edge , where we will stay for christmas. We will be back in London for new years day, when we start the new year at fabric with a 3 room event..

Podcast tracklist:

1. cormac – retrace – unreleased
2. App – it’s a brave new world – unreleased
3. jacob husley – realize – unreleased
4. mhmone – once upon a time – martin dawson mix- WetYourSelf! Recordings (Forthcoming)
5. le carousel – lose your love – pk edit (unreleased)
6. marc houle – zorba – WetYourSelf! Recordings (Forthcoming)
7. ivel tax – dubbler – kina music
8. phil weeks, hector moralez, fries & bridges – pop locking (ghetto mix) – robsoul records
9. dave pezzner – washing up then going back to sleep again (shane lineman mix) – finale sessions
10. Mark Henning- Stacked- Recovery Tech
11. Nina Kraviz- Tanya- Rekids

HMWL 72 – WYS 

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