HMWL 70 – The Kicker (Substream / Mareld)

The Kicker is Markus Ernehed, a swedish musician/producer from Östersund, Jämtland, currently residing in Stockholm.

Since childhood Markus has been playing the saxophone/piano.(Kicker actually refers to the classic Joe Henderson album “The Kicker”) He studied Jazz at Skurups folkhögskola, and later moved on to studies at the Royal College of Music in Sthlm. Somewhere along the way he started exploring the world of electronical music, and with a love for jazz/impro, the deep house genre wasn’t hard for him to take to heart. When blending his unique skills toghether, the result turns out to be something truly of its own.

The podcast nicely summarizes his recent debut album Ambition released on Göteborg based Substream.

1. The Kicker – Change is the only constant
2. The Kicker – Kåken
3. The Kicker – Ones
4. The Kicker – Archie
5. The Kicker – Ambition
6. The Kicker – Pads
7. The Kicker – Akufen
8. The Kicker – Twelve
9. The Kicker – Cool train to a love supreme

HMWL 70 – The Kicker Podcast

The Kicker – Ambition (Spotify):

The Kicker – Ambition (iTunes):

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