HMWL 60 – Oleg Soul (Aenaria Records / Deep Nota)

Deep within the central Russia, on the slopes of Ural mountains stands the might city of Ekaterinburg. Named after Peter the Great’s wife, the 4th largest city in Russian union is also known as the road to Asia. With Kazakstan just a few hundred kilometers south of the city, Ekaterinburg is sometimes called the border city between Europe and Asia.

Oleg Soul, affiliated to the italian masterclass Aenaria records as well Brooklyn based Deep Nota Records. It’s his forthcoming back to the roots release simply called House Music on Deep Nota that caught our ears.

There is something about the Russians and the progressive sound. No matter if they play house, techno or drum’n’bass they can’t live without those trancy atmospheric arrangements and female vocals. Maybe it’s the many-sided beauty of the great Russian outdoors, maybe it’s the ancient traditional fables being retold through music. Maybe it’s just a lasting trend.

Doctor Dru – The Voice Of Dru (Original Mix)
Martin Roth – Beautiful Life (Original Mix)
Oscar Barila & Maiki – Behind The Line (Original Mix)
Nils Noa – Skogsdans (Simon Baker’s Traces Mix)
Antidote – Eclipse (Spiritchaser Remix)
Gavin Herlihy – Endless Feeling (Larse Remix)
Ross Couch – The Cruise (Silt Remix)
Spiritchaser – Sueño Latino (Main Mix) 
Pablo Bolivar – Summer Nights (Piek Remix) 
Kaskade Ft. Mindy Gledhill – Eyes (Lazaro Casanova Remix)

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