HMWL 53 – Patlac (Liebe Detail)

The young gun of Liebe*Detail compiles a saturday afternoon mix cocktail of the tracks you usually won’t here at the club.

HMWL: Tell us about the podcast, are these your favorite track atm or are you leading us on a certain music journey?

PATLAC: For sure there are only favorite tracks in the podcast. maybe its not totally the same type of music I would play in the club. but some tracks for sure. I wanted do a podcast to enjoy at your preparty, on your mp3-player while you walk around or during clean up or what ever you want to while listening to it. And of course for the journey, your own journey!

HMWL. How do your prefer to release your music – all over the beatport or on limited 12″, like LUV003?
PATLAC: I prefer to release my music on vinyl. But on digital as well, I want that everybody to be able to get the tracks, since I know it’s hard to find vinyls in certain countries.  The luv release is very special. its limited to 300 copys and only vinyl. usually nobody know who is the artist of the track. its only about the music.

HMWL What is your master plan for 2012?
PATLAC: I think my master plan for 2012 is to do more one tracks and not so many remixes. And hopefully at lot of djing!

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