HMWL 52 – Jon Dasilva (Rush Hour, Haçienda)

The podcast 52 is mixed and compiled by Jon Dasilva, the living legend and original resident of Faç51 Haçienda. Today, two decades later, he’s also a successful producer on labels like Rush Hour. We grabed Jon for a few questions about the mixtape and his plans for 2012.

HMWL:  Tell us about the tracks and the thoughts you put into it, when compiling this mix. Is there a red thread?
Jon: Well, they are not all like box fresh tunes, its not a radio show mix in that sense…I like  house music that’s idiosyncratic or eccentric, so its a case of casting my ears over whatever music fits my errr, vision, dare I say! I do like to push the dynamic over the set so its all about creating a bit of a roller coaster and getting a certain intensity to the mix whilst playing some freak music, I guess. There’s a lot of editing of tracks and multi layering but I’ve eased back on this one as I felt it was getting a little too dense on previous mixes, too much of a wall of sound…

HMWL:  You’ve been living in Stockholm for a few years now – how is the Stockholm club scene compared to the one of Manchester – from a Dj point of view?
Jon: Been here a year and a half! Well there’s a certain sense here of what is “underground”…its broader musically in the UK…there’s more underground and music that is “underground”, as it were! And its not always obsessed with Berlin!  I been to some great parties here and even DJed at a couple!

HMWL: What’s Jon Dasilva master plan for 2012? Releases, remixes, side-projects?
Jon: There is an album on the verge of completion  with new band Hallo Halo (Christine Deckhert, Jonas Nilsson and Moi)…we start rehearsing for the live show over the weekend. I’m doing some straight (!) house music with Donald Waugh who I did the Rush Hour release with last year… he is moving over from London for a few months to write and record.There’s a collaboration with Irish wonder boy Jonny Bubba and some tracks forthcoming on a cool UK label, which I’m just confirming this week…and some Spanish action with a couple of Spanish residencies including a monthly in Barcelona starting in May…

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