HMWL 51 – Statedlife (Selekta Recordings)

“I have never had an urgent need to be famous, or to be adored by the masses. I have always wanted to have my music flow into listeners’.

The whole world might be completely hooked on the new “rock star” status of the DJ of today. Yet Denver based Matt Guilbeau aka Statedlife keeps doing his own thing without believing the hype.


1.Tell us about the tracks and the thoughts you put into this mix when putting it together?

Statedlife: I try to allow my heart and soul to do the selecting when it comes to making a mix. I compile songs that really move me in a spiritual way individually, then I search for ways for all of the tracks to come together, so that melodies, harmonies, or key structures compliment each other nicely and flow together with as little soundclash as possible. I know the software today can manipulate the key of any song, but I think doing so degrades the quality and warmth of the music by digitally manipulating it, so I do a lot of searching for melody and harmony matches.


2.Your musical production seem to range from the very soulful chicago house, to 303 fueled acid-inspired tracks to chilled out beats, to completely experimental stuff. Is there a pattern?
As far as production and style . . .  for house, techno and acidy stuff, and what I call “lighter breaks” I was greatly inspired by the San Francisco sound and the energy and feeling of community at the parties in the bay area during the early 1990’s. I was inspired by The Beloved, Orbital, Scott Hardkiss, Sub Sub, Dubtribe and artists that put feelings of beauty and positivity into their music, as well as being totally wowed by anything funky and chunky (Mother’, Sure is Pure and Direckt were a few of my favorite producers from this period) I have been into funky since I was a popper and breakdancer in the 80’s so I try to give a little funk to anything I do (unless its ambient) :). I also have loved dark ambient ethereal music from the 80’s as well as artists like A-ha and Depeche Mode, music that had extra emotional content to it. . .  something rich. Anything I do usually has a symphonic patter to it ,due to my upbringing in a “musician” household where both parents “lived” classical music day and night, so it just became a part of me, and what my music would become. I guess thats the biggest “pattern” surrounding all my music.


3. What is your master plan for 2012?
In 2012 I plan to go where ever the music takes me, wether its beats or beauty . . .  or both combined. I would really like to do some more ambient stuff and bring it together with the housey stuff I’ve done. I guess I don’t feel totally comfortable sticking to one genre. I might work on some mid-tempo beats that have that “orchestral” experimental feel to them. Whatever it is I certainly plan to put as much love into it as I possibly can.


1. Tree Bosier ····· Seconds Before Awakening [Alveol Remix] ······· 26 Tea Drops International
2. Jay West ······· Smile [Original Mix] ······· Brown Eyed Boyz Records
3. Statedlife ······· Heartbreak Sunrise [Original Mix]········ Unreleased
4. Ivan Garci ······· Land Of Dreams [Original Mix] ·········· Music Taste Records
5. Phonique ········· For The Time Being feat. Erland Oye [Original Mix] ····· I-Label
6. Lovebirds ········ Tuesday [Original Mix] ········ Teardrop
7. Statedlife/Sigur Rós ········· Samskeyti (Untitled 3) [Statedlife House Remake]········ Unreleased
8. Gui Boratto ········ No Turning Back [Original Mix] ······ Kompakt
9. Em Eff ········· A Cup Of Coffee With You [Mac Roney’s Two Lumps Dub] ······· Cold Tear Records
10. Statedlife ······· Shine Through [Original Mix] ········ Selekta Recordings
11. David Zafra ······· You [Original Mix] ········ Sanity
12. Alveol And Timo Camillo ····· Sunrise Flying Mojo [Alveol 2 Mix] ······· 26 Tear Drops Internationa

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The Lovespell album is out on Selekta Recordings. Naturally – february the 14th.

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