HMWL 50 – Ulf Eriksson (Kontra Musik Showcase)

50 is the magic number and our podcast number 50 is delivered by a very special magician. Ulf Eriksson’s magic lab is located in a basement below the southern part of Malmö. There he carefully selects ingredients for the future releases of his very own Kontra Musik. The praised label that claims itself being one big mess despite releasing quality material by Marcell Dettmann, Jonson / Alter, Mokira aka Tilliander, Agaric and Jason Fine over the last 6 years.

We caught up with Ulf for a few questions about this hour and a half journey into the depth of Kontra Musik:

1.Tell us about the tracks and the thoughts you put into this mix when putting it together?

Ulf Eriksson: The mix is sort of a presentation of the label from the first release to our latest one. I started of with some house tunes, moving on into a segment of weirder stuff to end with some deeper techno sounds. And of course, finally some goodbye house trax. Something like that. It is a actually very complicated to do a mix from only one label. Especially Kontra, because it has such a diverse output.

2. Kontra Musik is without a doubt a very special label. With artists ranging from Agaric to Mokira and Jonsson / Alter and a cross-genre sound. Do you have a certain philosophy about what tracks to sign and release?

Ulf Eriksson: Not really. I listen a lot. I try the tracks in different moods for instance. Electronic dance music very seldom move me at all. So it is very important that somethings catches my attention, that there is some kind of emotional response and that something unique about the music.

3. What is Kontra Musik’s master plan for 2012?

Right now the plan is to release more from the artists I already have signed to the label. Expect 12s from Mokira, Jonsson/Alter and Rivet. Also a remix EP from the Jonsson/Alter album is under production. I will do a limited  white label with Sweden’s best kept techno secret, Frak. Great stuff and totally unexpected for the label. Which of course is perfect. Predictability is a deadly sin in music. I got a crazy good demo from and English newcomer. Maybe I release that. The music will get weirder, I hope. Apart from that I guess some label showcases are coming up and a lot of dj:ing.

1. Agaric – the Outside [KM002] 2. Jonsson/Alter – Olidan [KM019] 3. Jonsson/Alter – Djup House [KM022] 4. Jason Fine – Half (Anton Zap remix) [KM009] 5. Rivet – Metrist [KM023] 6. Jason Fine – Control Voltage (Oni Ayhun remix) [KM013] 7. Jason Fine – Human Need (Heinrich Mueller Celestial Sphere mix) [KM010] 8. Mokira – Time Track [KM018.1] 9. Mokira/Marcel Dettmann – Factory Report 1 [KM017] 10. Agaric – Playing Games [KM001] + Jason Fine – Inuit [KM008.2] 11. Scaff – SSM 440 [KM006] 12. Mokira – Time Track (Silent Servant remix) [KM018.1] 13. Agaric – Playing Games (Marcel Dettmann remix) [KM005] 14. One aka Tobias Von Hofsten – Deep Thought [KM003] 15. Jason Fine – Many to many (Ben Klock remix) [KM013] 16. Luke Hess – Believe and Receive (Shedsdeepanddubbydub remix) [KM007] 17. Jonsson/Alter – Orgelpunkten [KM019] 18. Jonsson/Alter – Tre Ackord [KM022] 19. Gunnar Jonsson – Massage Rutin 1 [KM014]

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Needless to say, the mixset is mastered by Andreas Tilliander.

by Dj Skyjacker of House Music With Love

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