Green Velvet – Harmageddon (Pleasurekraft ‘Sideshow’ Remix) [Relief Records]

Green Velvet, believe it or not- house master Don Cajmere (AKA Curtis Alan Jones,) studied chemical engineering at the University of Illinois, before he began dabbling in the electric culture and scene in house music.  It was only mid-way through grad school when he returned to Chicago; the booming mecca of house music- to pursue his dream of producing such measures..

Some caught-on selectors are ..

Coffee Pot (It’s time for the Percolator)”  [Clubhouse Records]

Brighter DaysA cunning collabo with Dajae soared the Billboard Dance Charts, where it maintained a comfortable spot of #2.

Preacher Man,” “Answering Machine” and “The Stalker

Each and every one of these tracks are household names of his musical work, carrying humorous vocals (as of many of his Green Velvet tracks do) and catchy, fun, comic taglines..  Curtis Alan Jones, without a doubt, has established his trademark on Cajual Records which has certainly gained him immense success over the years. 

Another one you just can’t miss is “La La Landwhich is yet another fanciful ‘sideshow remixby Pleasurekraft ofcourse! 

Pleasurekraft are one of my favorite re-mixers.. Their contagious sound; seductive deep, underground techno- is easily recognized whenever played. You can’t miss their trademark of synchronized vocals and refrains over exuberant, ponderous bass-lines. Widely recognized for their smashing hit in 2010; “Tarantula”- hailed by the likes of Sasha and Digweed, Nic Fanciulli,  Mark Knight and many more.. Consisting of the dynamic duo; Kaveh and Kalle; djs and producers -the future is very bright for Pleasurekraft. Be expecting more remixes, a ton.. And more wacky tracks!

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