EZLV – Selfish Beat EP -100% Silk (Nov. 19, 2012)

“Selfish Beat” – Funky synth melody married to a classic house beat make the title track one of the standouts on this EP from the Montréal based duo. It’s tough to really put a finger on what makes this one so fun to listen to, but it just oozes good times.


“Good Feeling” – The aptly named “Good Feeling,” lends from it’s predecessor in regards to funky melody and classic house feel. Various vocal distortions make up the majority of the melody which can’t help but make you want to groove all night. Chances are if you ever took part in Sunday BBQ’s when the weather was right, then this track will feel strangely familiar.

“Ez-Lee” – Track title tells no lie. Smoother, more down-tempo, easy to vibe to. Nothing particularly standout about this track, but for some reason, it just works. It’s either the smooth vocal melody or funk-infused guitars working in tandem with the synths, but regardless this one provides a solid intermission for the EP’s best track.

“Inside Out” – You’ll be hearing this one just as the night is turning to day, in those early dawn hours, just when the party starts weeding out those who came to play and those who came to groove. Funky downtempo beat and a melody built around the iconic chorus from Odyssey, this track was made to be spun on wax.

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