Don Disco and Jeremiah – The Whistle Song, GROW!, 1998

Don Disco & Jeremiah – The Whistle song

Austrian house producers Peter Kremeier and Christian Mahringer started up the long time running label GROW! In 1995. About 1998 I got a hold of a brilliant release on above label on which the two of them call them selves Don Disco and Jeremiah. After this they kept releasing tracks under these names both together and apart. The Whistel Song is in this case a crappy title since its neither a song or has any whistles in it what so ever. As you probably know there are also several tracks with this name for it to be confused with. In sound, this however has nothing to do with them. Instead this is a beautifully executed piece of deep house and the whistleing in this case refers to a Humphrey Bogart movie sample perfectly placed towards the end of the track. A real deep deep gem!

by Bowyer Hawks of LAW recordings



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