DJ Bacid presents top charts of 2012 [Techno/House]


Oh…the sexy, funky and dirty year of 2012 is nearly over! We survived the Aztec Apocalypse, Obama won a second term (saving us from Mitt Romney Apocalypse) and Swedish House Mafia split up, saving us from further disasters, for the time being. Below a raw, funky and sexy best-of-list, many of them an integral part of Bacid record bag during 2012. Be well, meditate, and don´t believe the hype!

Robert Hood – Motor Time Nightworld 3 – Music Man records

The man, the myth, the legend. His first full-length in a while and reconnecting 1987 with 2012 in ways of music making and detroit vibe. Plus, if you put the picture sleeves together, you get the soundtrack for A Requiem for Detroit, a must see documentary. Buy at Juno.

Blawan – His He She & She – Hinge Finger

Blawan, Blawan…who the F*** is Blawan! Well, we will for sure hear much more about this bloke in 2013, probably one of the best forgers of lo-fi trash-techno. His ”Why They hide their bodies under my garage” is just to adorable not to be played in every set. Buy at Juno (Sold out).

Carls Davis – Last Decade EP – Planet E

Techno, Detroit, Carl Craig. Nuff said. Buy at Juno.

Delano Smith – Reconstructed – Sushitech

A hypnotic track just got funkified with proper re-work from…Carl Craig. Buy at Juno.

Scan 7 – The Resistance EP – Tresor

So you wanna know what Techno is all about? And why Techno is not house? Well…This track probably will give you the answer, the legendary Scan 7, mystified and ancient as they are, for ever as funky as true to the creed. Buy at Juno

Jared Wilson – Ghettoblaster – 7777

One personal all-time favourite, the new-acid sound of Detroit is just amazing. Buy at Juno.

Head High – RAVE -Power House

Nice to see this one chart very high overall, buying it as a hit-and-miss but turned out to be a great tool in sets. Buy at Juno.

Tuff City Kids – Beggar  – Unterton Records

You can not ignore Berghain/Ostgut even if you really should. This one dotting the dancefloors everywhere this year.  Buy at Juno (Sold out)

Stellar OM – Source Image Over Image – Rush Hour

Yes, yes, yes! Techno, and no more words necessary. Rush Hour had some of the best releases this year overall. Check! Buy at Juno

Special Request – Lolita (Warehouse mix)/Alone – Special Request

Remember playing this one at an outdoor gathering. Rather Loud. Wickedly awesome production! Hipster-friendly hand-stamped as well. Buy at Juno (Sold out).

Amir Alexander – Idiot Savant Masterpieces – Vanguard Sound

House as it should be, deep but driving. Buy at Juno

Deep Throat – Gag Reflex – BBW

Well, who can deny Deepthroat & Linda Lovelace? No one! Saving you odd search results on youtube, here is a direct link to (sold out)

Frak – Wobbler – Kontra-Musik Records

Kontra Musik, one of the best kept secrets of Sweden, marking new territories with their Frak releases. Also Frak releases on Börft are highly recommended. Buy at Juno – sold out.

Fit ft Gunnar Wendel Enter –  The Fog EP – FXHE

Kassem Mosse aka Gunnar Wendel….2012 was the year of the monikers, and alongside my personal favourite, Abdullah Rashim, Kassem Mosse showed ingeniutiy on many releases through and through. (buy at juno)

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