David Duriez presents Plastic Music – Under Blister ( David Duriez Remix From The Vault, 20:20 Vision, 2000

David Duriez presents Plastic Music – Under Blister (David Duriez Remix from the Vault)

The French DJ David Duriez, founder of the label Brique Rouge has used many names for his productions, San France Disco, Disco Dave, Raphael Louis among others . One wonders why because personally I can’t detect much difference in style between them. His stuff is however often daring and edgy and in 2000 he decided to do a few releases using the name Plastic Music. They came out on one of my absolute favorite labels 20:20 Vision. Under Blister, David Duriez remix from The Vault is at first listen something that sounds like and intro that isn’t really getting out of the stating blocks but I guarantee that this is one of those “mind tracks” that gets deep into your brain. Amazing monotonous beauty!

by Bowyer Hawks of LAW recordings

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