Bobby Champs – Steve Martin EP – Hypercolour (Nov. 5, 2012)

“Steve Martin” – The title track starts things off with a deep jungle house vibe. The drums are dark, dirty, and consistent. An almost hypnotic echoed chord draws you deeper and deeper into this audible mishmash of distant jungle house and that familiar deep house bassline we’ve come to know and love.

“NYC Panther” – This is where we see Bobby Champs take things farther down the rabbit hole. A hard and heavy tech-house percussive ensemble carries this track from start to finish. Mixed throughout are samples of the actual sounds of New York City, giving this track an unexpectedly authentic feel.

“Brooklyn Bomb” – Bouncy bass house could best categorize the final track of the EP. Like the tracks before it, this one is made up of a seemingly countless number clicks and clacks, pings and pangs, and booms and claps that give the track an organic and raw feel. Drop this one in the middle of your set and watch the room go wild.

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