Julio Bashmore / Broadwalk

2011 was the year of Julio Bashmore. It is near impossible not to mention this musical genius when it comes to generating a buzz. Who could forget the Everyone needs a theme tune release or ZZafrika remix that really struck a nerve in a  already complex genre that is defined as house. In what category would this sound be placed? There is probably no good answer, and it does not really matter.

That was 2011. Now in 2012, he is set to introduce his new label Broadwalk, and with that a revamped sound. The forthcoming release still screams of Bashmore, but not the one that we have come to know. It sounds like Bristol got infused with Chicago, and while the result is yet to be decided one thing is for sure. This is a label to be at the look out for.


Release is set for july 2nd

by Marphi of House Music With Love

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