Andrew Grant & Lomez – Has To Be Love EP [My Favorite Robot 055]

The EP starts off with the appropriately named track, “Distant Thunder.” Soft echoed melodies drive this track as it builds a consistently muffled bassline and drum combination, while keeping  rhythmic stability throughout. This track is all about the subtleties. Smooth tech-house flavor.

“Has To Be Love,” takes you back to the days of melancholy 80’s synth-driven romanticized pop. Your inner teenage-love-stricken self might just come out and buy this track if you don’t watch out. The synth work on this one is full of energy and produces the type of melody that you’ll be humming all day.

“Be Free” is another aptly titled track. The down-tempo sound just screams (or rather deeply whispers), “lay back and soak it in…” This one is simple, deep, and is all about the feeling fostered by the mellowed-out percussion and smooth vocal sampling.

The talented and increasingly popular, Amirali, lends his distinctive sound on the “remix” for “Has To Be Love.” His take is not so much a remix, but a reinvention of the track. Lightly distorted vocal emphasis, muted drums, and celestially-driven melodies and percussions. Wonderfully done.

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