Ahmet Sisman – Dance With The White Rabbit EP – [Culprit Los Angeles, June 27th]

Los Angeles based Culprit Records is known far and wide for throwing some of the best parties in all of California. So it would make sense that their releases would keep that spirit alive. Their latest effort, from German native Ahmet Sisman does just that and then some:

The EP’s title track is all about layered vocal distortions, big airy lead synths, and one of the grooviest percussion collections I’ve heard all spring. Three words sum this one up: pool… party… soundtrack.

Nico Lahs takes this track the deep underground route, to compliment the originals airy summertime vibe. The down-tempo’d vocals and deep groove make this one a textbook deep-house dance floor killer.

The gem of the EP and secret hit of this summer. This one has the catchy dark  melody, big lush sweep’s, and trademark vocal distortions that you want to hear at 3 a.m. when the party is set to go off. This one has already crept its way into sets from The Martinez Brothers and Droog, so consider yourself warned.

Claps, claps, and more claps on this Audiofly remix of the EP’s title track. Some smooth and sexy synth work also helps create a more well rounded remix.


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