Sunju Hargun – Out of the box EP (Microzoo002 out March 7th)

A surprisingly innovative EP by Bangkok based Sunju Hargun hits the stores on Microzoo tomorrow. An overall afro-house feeling is driven by tribal tracks Sensei and Jungle Tickle, while Mr and Mrs Piyano is a bit more minimal story with a subliminal piano and break filling vocals. Big up!

Microzoo label is a collaboration between two Djs & Promoters Nathan Burns (Montreal) and Elio Krass (France) who after five years of nightclub events decided to move their trademark to a next level.

01 Sunju Hargun – Sensei
02 Sunju Hargun – Mr and Mrs Piyano Master
03 Sunju Hargun – Jungle Tickle


Steve Lawler feat. Roland Clark – Gimme Some More (Sunju Hargun Remix)


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