Solomun – Love Recycled [2DIY4001]

1. Solomun – Love Recycled (1)
2. Solomun – Love Recycled (2)
3. Solomun – Love Recycled (3)

Solomun – The Diynamic Label boss kick-starts his new vinyl-only label 2DIY4 (to die for) officially launched for “creative, unique and down right cheeky releases of the highest order”.

Despite still being “pre-order only” at the online shops The Love Recycled 12″ EP will soon be getting some major hype for the three blast-from-the-past nostalgia tracks.

First out is an edit of the soul classic I keep forgetting – mostly recognized as the piano sample for the 1994s hip-hop classic Regulate by recently deceased Nate Dogg – being both good and  bad time at the same time.

Second out is a true love song. A percussion driven, bass and guitar arrangement sounding like something straight out of Motorcity Drum Ensemble’s studio. But once again being Solomnun playing around with Curtis Mayfield’s vocals sampled from Astounded as originally performed by Brand Van 3000 in late 2000.

Last but not least is a dark, cold, low-bpm techno track with velvet synthesiser stabs. Is this a Timberland och Janet Jackson sample? You tell me. Two things are given though: 1. Love Recycled features way too many uncleared samples to be released digitally. 2. The vinyl will be one of the most on-demand ones of 2011. How many copies are being pressed? We’ll find out soon, but I’m pre-ordering mine while writing this.

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Solomun – Love Recycled (2) by Socham


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