Promos of the week: Alexander Gaas – Westpath EP [Highlands music], Daniel Dexter & Nhan Solo – Our Thang [Off Recordings], Jonathan Meyer – Many things EP [Madhouse Records]

1. Alexander Gaas – Spooky Road
2. Alexander Gaas – Westpath
[audio:|titles=Alexander Gaas – Westpath]

Finding a gem when going through a long series of promos is rare. Especially when the EP comes from a label and artist you’ve never heard about before.

Alexander Graas comes from the underground Psy trance scene of Goa. He also holds a residency as a chill and ambient DJ in Israel. The influences are clearly heard in Westpath. That despite sounding a bit minimal to start with turns out to be a very thought through production. Perfect as a starter.

Westpath is out tomorrow. Let’s hope the next EP from Highlands Music just as good.

1. Daniel Dexter & Nhan Solo – Our Thang
[audio:|titles=Daniel Dexter & Nhan Solo – Our Thang] 2. Daniel Dexter & Nhan Solo – Our Thang (Andre Crom & Martin Dawson Remix)
3. Daniel Dexter & Nhan Solo – Our Thang (Luca Lozano & Sacha Robotti Remix)
4. Daniel Dexter & Nhan Solo – Charlie Brown

Off26, following this summers wave of soul- and hiphop influenced beats (Solomun, Noir, Oliver S, etc), the Berlin label drops an excellent release. After the recent compilation OFF25 (2,5 years of OFF Recordings) the 26th volume is a fresh start for the label and might just be their best release so far.

Out on Beatport since few days.


1. Jonathan Meyer – Back zone
Jonathan Meyer – Back Zone by Madhouse Records
2. Jonathan Meyer – Echoes
3. Jonathan Meyer – Sanctuary
4. Jonathan Meyer – Welcome Mr Fuzz
5. Jonathan Meyer – Toms over
6. Jonathan Meyer – Toms over (Kerri Chandler remix)

Oldschool soulful house. Just the way we love it. By the Italian Soulman Jonathan Meyer.  Madhouse Records has been around since 1992, co-run by Kerri Chandler and Mel Medalie. Somehow the two veterans still manage to deliver timeless UK-garage influenced release after release. Official release September 19th. Exclusive promo release on Traxsource.

by Dj Skyjacker of House Music With Love

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