Problem Kids – Our Sunshine Suite, Paper Recordings 1998


Today we kick off my ”One from the old Crate” – posting series by presenting this killer of repetitive happy-house sweetness. It’s with sweaty palms I remove it from its wine spilled cover to check if it’s still playable. Here the talented Mark Wilkinson was still teamed up with Xpress2’s Daren Rock as they formed the duo Problem Kids.

I first heard this track on a Spanish summery terrace and it blew me away. I managed to swop it on the spot with the DJ for something from my bag and that very vinyl is still in my hands today. I used to play it at after parties from about 99- 02 as the sun came up and it was always such a beautiful kick.

This is Problem Kids – Our Sunshine Suite, Paper Recordings 1998 (original Wax available on Decks)

by Bowyer Hawks of Law Recordings

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