Özgur Can compiles The Lost Archive and announces a studio album to come in May

1. It Remains
2. Smothie
3. As we slowly drift
4. Another Kind
5. Conversations
6. En Mysig Liten Ask
7. I hear what you don’t
8. Lost Somewhere
9. Escape (remix)
10. Ronin

Özgur Can’s last 6 years of production contains everything from commercial house played at Stureplan to instant techno classics on Hardhouse and Cocoon.  What’s certain is that every artist needs to stop and look back once in a while. Özgur Can has more than one reason to do that.

Özgur stops the clock and compiles The Lost Archive. An experimental collection (released on My Disco Preset next week [edit]) containing both Furry Music tracks no longer available on Beatport as well as some previously unreleased material.

The overall vibe is dark, techy and subliminal that reminds us a lot of the sound of Stimming. The compilation might seem a bit experimental for an average clubber, but even the club kids has something to look forward to as Özgur also announces a new full studio album to be released in early May 2011.

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