Nirvana – All Apologies (Sound Remedy Remix)

Nirvana – All Apologies (Sound Remedy Remix) by Sound Remedy

Fuck giant record labels and licensing procedures. Join the “do-it-yourself club”. 

Sound Remedy is a LA based kid that shamelessly promotes himself all over the internet. Uploading his masked press-photos to every service available, recruiting fans on facebook (5500 atm) and delivering those fidgety unlicensed bootleg re-works of Beethoven, Coldplay, Adele and now also Nirvana. 

The Nirvana remix get’s out of control and becomes to mainstream towards the end of track. But the first half of the track will make a great loop-tool for any forward-thinking DJ. Free Download

by Dj Skyjacker of House Music With Love

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DJ, surfer and entrepreneur residing in Malmö, Sweden. HMWL label daddy. My music network is always open. Holler at