Mispent Years – Schatracks, Schatracks recordings, 1998

[audio:http://www.hmwl.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Schatrax-Mispent-Years.mp3|titles=Schatrax Mispent Years]

While spinning in Spain in the mid 90s I was back in Sweden for a week and in a small record shop in Stockholm (name unfortunately forgotten) I came a cross a triple vinyl of deepness that had an impact on me like never before. It was housey, techy and so deep that you couldn’t even believe that there was a bottom. For some reason I only have two twelves left in my pack at present but the magic one is still there, “Mispent Years”. Just a few years down the road this track was remixed by Silicone Soul and had a better breakthrough but here is the original. Josh Brent and Mark Little as Schatracks gives us:

“Mispent Years – Schatracks, Schatracks recordings, 1998.”
(The original version was also released on Soma Records around this time)

by Bowyer Hawks of LAW recordings

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