Love Unlimited Vibes (LUV003) – Vinyl only (Out today)

Unknown – Luv. Three A / Love Unlimited Vibes (LUV 003) by matthias meyer

The vinyl is back, once again gaining more and more attention as a media format during 2011. For two reasons.

First, since everybody and their mom are able to “Dj” today thanks to the modern solutions like Ableton, Traktor and Serato. We love the technology and how it takes the art of Djing to a next level. But the vinyl is timeless – it weights about 250g, you can put it on your wall and call it art and you can’t spread it to 1000 people by pressing one button on Torrentech, Zippyshare, What CD, etc etc. We love the vinyl.

Second reason is that the limited vinyl releases enables artists to sample their main music influences without risking copyright infringement (see Djuma Soundsystem post). With a 300 limited vinyl print by “Unknown Artist” and no digital release makes it virtually impossible for major copyright holders to chase down illegal sampling. Little or no money made of the vinyl = no royalties to collect.

For LUV003 (a sexy Berlin based vinyl only label), Matthias Meyer reworks SBTRKT – Hold On (perhaps a remix that didn’t get signed? The B-side is deep, deep, disco lounge rework of Grace Jones – Walking in the rain, from back in 1981. It’s called Flash and the Pan by Patlac

Love your 12″!

(Tack till Tom och Andreas för tipset)

by Dj Skyjacker of House Music With Love

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