Jesper Ryom – Nature Boy EP [PPR002]

Jesper Ryom – Nature Boy EP [PPR002]

1. Jesper Ryom – Godt Begyndt (Original Mix)
[audio:|titles=Jesper Ryom – Godt Begyndt (Original Mix)]

2. Jesper Ryom – Godt Begyndt (La Fleur Remix)
3. Jesper Ryom – Nature Boy (Original Mix)
[audio:|titles=Jesper Ryom – Nature Boy (Original Mix)]

Good things come to those who wait, states the famous Swedish saying. Powerplant records has been silent for over year since the debut release of La Fleur Flowerhead EP. That not taking the digital release with Spencer Parker remix into the account.

The Swedish wonder label in Berlin is back. Debuting Danish Jesper Ryom who probably will be called Nature Boy from now on.

Godt Begynt has a more dreamy deep house vibe for an excellent after hours party on a beach or a rooftop. Bur La Fleurs Remix of it is an hol other story. A punchy bass that will kockdown even the security team. The overal soundscape is pretty much the same as the original but it has more of everything. A track in my flavor, number 1 in my chart!.

Also, the title track Nature Boy has a jumpy bass, deep bass that has to be experienced on a proper outdoor sound system. IT’S F**KING GOOD!

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